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Greater-Than-Class-C Low-Level Radioactive Waste EIS
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Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste EIS Information Center

About the EIS
 Why the EIS Is Needed
 What's in the EIS
 How the EIS Is Being Prepared
 Who Is Preparing the EIS
 EIS Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste EIS

A guide to the Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive Waste EIS document, the EIS process, scope, and schedule.

The Draft GTCC EIS evaluates potential impacts from the construction and operation of a new facility or facilities, or use of an existing facility, employing various disposal methods (geologic repository, intermediate depth borehole, enhanced near surface trench, and above grade vault) at six federal sites and generic commercial locations. The Draft EIS also evaluates the long-term safety and stability of the conceptual disposal facilities after waste has been emplaced and the facility permanently closed. DOE does not have a preferred alternative and, therefore, did not identify a preferred alternative for the disposal of GTCC LLRW and GTCC-like waste. DOE will include a preferred alternative in the Final EIS based on public comments and additional analysis, as appropriate. The preferred alternative could be a combination of two or more alternatives.

Explore this section to learn more about the EIS, why it is needed, what's in it, how the EIS is being prepared and by whom, and the schedule for preparing the EIS.

Why the EIS Is Needed

See Why the EIS Is Needed to learn more about why DOE is preparing the EIS.

Scope and Content of the EIS

See What's in the EIS to learn more about the scope and content of the EIS, including the impacts and issues addressed in the EIS.

The EIS Process

Preparation of the GTCC LLRW EIS is a multistep process that will include publication of a Draft EIS, a Final EIS and a Record of Decision. These and other EIS documents will be available for downloading and browsing on the Documents page of this Web site.

See How the EIS Is Prepared to learn more about the EIS preparation process.

Information is also available on the preparers, and schedule for the EIS.

DOE encourages public participation in the EIS. See Getting Involved to learn how you can participate in the process.